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Reflexology is an excellent way of preventing or relieving aliments. It concentrates on the joints to help detoxify and cleans the body, fight infection and drain out lymphatic fluid. Facials too nourish the skin by hydration.

At Radiance, stone therapy is used to reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation, resulting in a well nourished, fresh and radiant skin. The Chakra stone therapy focuses on the body Chakras or seven subtle energy centres. When congested, these affect the body at the physical and emotional levels. To refresh and restore balance, try a holistic massage with colored chakra stones, involving rentle stretching and sweeping movements. Calming, replenishing and detoxifying massages can also boost metabolism and reduce fluid retention. Eliminating toxins with a choice of oil is one way of feeling cleansed and relaxed.

To detoxify the hair, try hair and scalp treatments like de-stressing massages with nutritional products to revitalize dry scalp, prevent hair loss and add sheen.

 Cellulite body Spa

Price : INR 2000.00 

 Hot Stone Body Spa

Price : INR 4500.00 

 Aroma Body Spa

Price : INR 1800.00 

 Full body scrub with massage

Price : INR 4500.00 

 Body Polishing

Price : INR 3500.00 45....oo

 Hot stone body massage

Price : INR 3500.00 

 Deep tissue massage

Price : INR 2500.00 

 Refreshing body massage

Price : INR 2000.00 

 Body wrap/Rejuvenation massage

Price : INR 5000.00 

 Thai Massage 60 Min

Price : INR 1800.00 

 Upper Lip Wax

Price : INR 50.00 

 Chin Wax

Price : INR 60.00 

 Full Face Wax

Price : INR 270.00 

 Forehead Wax

Price : INR 60.00 

 Lower Lip Wax

Price : INR 50.00 

 Sidelock Wax

Price : INR 100.00 

  Neck Wax

Price : INR 80.00 

  Half arms wax

Price : INR 160.00 

 3/4th arms Wax

Price : INR 170.00 

 Full Arms Wax

Price : INR 200.00 

 Under Arms Wax

Price : INR 80.00 

 Half Legs Wax

Price : INR 200.00 

 3/4 Legs Wax

Price : INR 300.00 

 Full Legs Wax

Price : INR 400.00 

 Bikini Line Wax

Price : INR 475.00 

 Bikini Wax

Price : INR 1200.00 

  Stomach - Half Wax

Price : INR 250.00 

 Stomach - Full Wax

Price : INR 450.00 

 Full Back Wax

Price : INR 540.00 

 Half Back Wax

Price : INR 270.00 

 Full Body Wax

Price : INR 2700.00 

 Body Care French Manicure

Price : INR 450.00 

 Body Care Normal Pedicure

Price : INR 400.00 

 Body Care French Pedicure

Price : INR 500.00 

 Body Care Aroma Pedicure

Price : INR 650.00 

 Body Care Hot Stone Pedicure

Price : INR 945.00 

 Body Care Pedi Spa

Price : INR 1000.00